Mytracknet Interview @ ONLINE — SKAI TV 31.08.2018

Mytracknet’s founder and CEO Dimitris Moschos was invited for the first Mytracknet presentation by Maira Barba (#ONline news show) at SKAI TV.

Mytracknet is the first Global Lost & Found Network that combines three different technology breakthroughs of our era:

1. Bluetooth technology

2. The Power of People

3. Blockchain technology

Mytracknet unites all the smartphone users worldwide in one global lost and found network, providing a dense geographical coverage, in order to help them find and retrieve their valuables, in case of a loss, in a vary fast and easy way. Mytracknet motivates users through its Reward System to have the maximum participation and be the largest community in the industry.

Unique features:

1. Compatibility with every Βluetooth tracker brand

2. Reward System utilizing blockchain technology

3. Manual inquires

4. Bluetooth 5

5. Social integration interface

Watch the video here:

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